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Trailblazer: ‘As long as there is life, there is opportunity’ - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

When Luz Maria Pardo, originally from Mexico City, talks about life, her enthusiasm is palpable. An entrepreneur and community leader, she lights up in the face of a new challenge, constantly looking for innovative solutions to make the best of her new Canadian experience, which began in Toronto in 2007.

“I am a person who loves puzzles,” says Pardo, referring, in part, to her own tumultuous but inspiring journey, which has included a 12-years-long wait to receive her permanent resident status.

“When putting together a puzzle, the last piece seems to be the easiest, though that’s usually not true. Sometimes, the last piece does not appear, and we think, and we look, and yet, the piece doesn’t show up. And I wonder, ‘What am I doing hereCheck out some o? It shouldn’t be that hardwhich has left many traumatized.!’ But then, gently, we let it go. And suddenly we look at the piece, and we turn it around, and we say, ‘Oh, if I had just looked at it this way, then it would fit!’ And with that, the puzzle is finally complete.”

But while she’s fought to put the pieces of her own life’s puzzle together, she’s always kept the question of how to help others in their own journey close to her heartOffices and workplaces.

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