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Introduction to the development of IOT industry by government, industry, University and Research Institute: from the perspective of market prospects, the market prospects of IOT in the future far exceed those of computer, Internet, mobile communication and other industries. Recently, the third China IOT conference and 2012 China International IOT Expo were held in Beijing. Celebrities from the government, industry, University and Research Institute launched a heated discussion on the current domestic IOT development policies, technologies, applications, business models and other contents

On April, 2012 (the third) China IOT conference and 2012 China (Beijing) International IOT Expo were held in Beijing. Celebrities from the government, industry, University and Research Institute have conducted heated discussions on the policies, technologies, applications, business models and other contents of the current development of IOT in China, and jointly made suggestions and suggestions for the prosperity of IOT industry, trying to promote the further maturity of IOT industry standards, business models, information security and other aspects in the future development practice, and finally realize the large-scale and socialized application of IOT

development should be based on promoting economic and social transformation

IOT plays an important role in the transformation of economic and social development. Yang Xueshan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that sensing technology and IOT technology are important directions for the development of information technology, and the IOT industry is an important new growth point of the information industry. Therefore, promoting the development of IOT and its related fields has been highly valued by the state and has been written into the 12th Five Year Plan

Yang Xueshan believes that the development of IOT should be deployed and implemented at the height of promoting the transformation of economic and social development. First, to promote the development of IOT, we should closely focus on the main tasks of economic and social development transformation. The development of IOT application should closely focus on the needs of economic development, promote economic development, reduce emissions and consumption, improve efficiency, and realize its transformation from quantitative growth to qualitative growth. In addition, the development of IOT should benefit people's livelihood and provide more convenience for public life. Second, the development of IOT should be promoted in the overall situation of information development. The mutual penetration and integration of IOT industry in the development process of information industry is also an important new development direction. IOT application is a further deepening and development based on the application of information technology. Therefore, promoting the development and industrial application of IOT technology should be promoted in the information environment. Third, to promote the development of IOT industry, we should pay attention to the participation of all parties, coordination and overall planning. The application of IOT is closely related to all aspects, whether technological development or industrial application. All forces should work together to form a joint force for the development of IOT

as the in-depth expansion and application of information technology, IOT is one of the development directions of the application breakthrough of the new generation of information technology. The development of IOT industry will greatly expand the application space of information network and information technology, promote the transformation of economic development mode, and promote the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure. Xu Jianping, deputy director of the high tech Industry Department of the national development and Reform Commission, said that since 2010, all parties have attached great importance to the development of IOT, and many enterprises are also strengthening technical research, which has played a positive role in the development of China's IOT industry

adhere to the key breakthrough ideas, and strive to coordinate the core technological innovation of IOT. Adhere to the way of joint research, focus on cohesion, gather advantages, and cultivate leading enterprises. Adhere to independent innovation and strengthen cooperation with international organizations. Strive to expand ideas, deepen international cooperation, make full use of international advantageous resources, and constantly improve the level of research and development and industrialization of IOT technology in China. Xu Jianping proposed four aspects of development ideas, hoping to condense the strength of the industry and pragmatically promote the healthy and orderly development of China's IOT industry

we should pay attention to problems and achieve breakthroughs

since the first China IOT conference was held in June 2010, from the discussion of basic concepts to the blooming of industrial applications, IOT technology has entered the substantive application stage. IOT has created a high degree of integration and comprehensive application of the new generation of information technology, and has achieved large-scale applications in various industries. The development of the national IOT has made certain achievements. Wu Jichuan, honorary chairman of the China Electronics Society and former Minister of the Ministry of information industry, said

Xu Jianping said that while seeing the achievements, we must clearly see that the development of IOT in China is still facing some outstanding problems that need to be solved urgently, such as the mature business model has not yet been formed, the application and industry are not closely integrated, the foundation of the industrial chain is weak, the security guarantee ability is not strong, and some places have the phenomenon of hyping the concept of IOT to varying degrees. As an emerging business form of the new generation of information technology, IOT has a wide range of applications. In order to guide the healthy and orderly development of IOT in China, the top priority is to strengthen the floor design and overall layout

Xu Jianping said that in order to speed up the guidance and promotion of the healthy and orderly development of China's IOT, the national development and Reform Commission, together with relevant departments, organized industry experts and enterprises to conduct a set of research on how to develop China's IOT by repeating 2 horizontal shear loading devices, and clarified the development ideas, that is, to adhere to the combination of government leadership and market, in accordance with the principles of application guidance, overall planning, safety and efficiency, Strive to build an internationally competitive IOT industrial system. According to this idea, relevant national departments and local governments have organized and launched the national IOT application demonstration work in key areas such as transportation, public safety management, environmental protection, agricultural production, etc. in the next step, the national development and Reform Commission will coordinate relevant advantageous resources, expand new fields together with relevant departments, and further promote the IOT technology research and development, business demonstration, industrialization, standard system construction The development of information security and service mode innovation

long Zhixi, vice president of Intel Research Institute and Intel China Research Institute, said that at present, the development of IOT is facing challenges. In addition to the unclear business model, there are also problems such as limited network bandwidth costs, complex big data management and processing, and hidden dangers in data security. He stressed that the solution of these problems requires global cooperation, especially some international enterprises and research institutions, which need to develop in a spirit of innovation and cooperation, solve the stumbling blocks to the development of the IOT industry, and occupy the commanding heights of the industry

Bob Haley, chairman of ZigBee alliance, an important international IOT (wireless sensing) industry standardization organization, believes that with the technological progress and the wide promotion of some applications, IOT has become the focus of global attention in recent years, and will be the next trillion level industry, which is also regarded as the third wave of information industry after computers, interconnection and mobile communications. For China, the national development strategy of IOT has been in a leading position in terms of consciousness from a global perspective. At present, due to mobility, security and the deterioration of urban traffic, the current demand for IOT applications in China's transportation and logistics industries is quite urgent. With the advent of the era of IOT, the wide application and promotion of IOT technology will greatly accelerate the intelligent transportation and road safety product industries. The integration of transportation and IOT has become inevitable, and will become one of the most valuable industries in the field of IOT

aim at the future and occupy the commanding height of industrial development

in the IOT white paper, the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology predicts that the scale of China's IOT related industries will reach more than 500 billion yuan by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, and the time node to form a trillion scale will be in the late 13th five year plan. From the perspective of market prospects, the future market prospects of IOT are far beyond those of computer, Internet, mobile communication and other industries

information and communication technology helps the development of IOT, which goes hand in hand with mobile Internet and next generation Internet. Wu Hequan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, believes that the research of information technology is a long-term and deepening process. IOT is the expansion of Internet applications and the new development of informatization. In the long run, IOT will become an important feature of the future network development, and the future network will expand the field of perception

Wu Hequan said that IOT has a similar development law with other information and communication technologies. Digitization, IP, broadband, mobility and intelligence. Although more and more material performance databases in the world today can directly give the performance, cloud, socialization and ubiquity of various metal materials such as iron, aluminum and copper. By embedding consumer electronics applications first, then carrying out vertical industry applications, and finally realizing social applications. Therefore, IOT is a long-term and deepening process, especially the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing and social networking with IOT, setting off a new wave of network technology and business application

IOT has played an important role in building Beijing into a world city and implementing the science and technology development plan. Zhu Yan, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing municipal government, said that in promoting the development of IOT, Beijing has done a lot of work in vigorously promoting resource sharing and continuously improving the application level in accordance with the master plan and concept of three Beijing and five cities, with practicality and innovation as the planning concept. The development of IOT has provided new and effective support for the development of perception Beijing and smart city

based on this, Beijing has issued guidance on carrying out IOT work in the field of government and public services, and defined the development direction of government led application in the next five years. It includes supporting platform construction, network construction, safety construction, standard and specification construction and many other work contents. In 2011, Beijing promoted the IOT demonstration project in many aspects, and plans to build a supporting service system in the capital this year, such as the use of IOT resource sharing platform, sensor information network platform and related computing centers, and complete a number of demonstration applications involving public security, circulation supply chain and community public services in three aspects: government, society and enterprises

IOT has become one of the important strategies for the development of strategic emerging industries. In the next step, Beijing will continue to create a good development environment, deepen the application of key fields, promote the innovation of IOT service mode, actively cultivate a safe and efficient IOT industrial system, and speed up the construction of an independently innovative IOT industrial chain. Zhu Yan said

model innovation is the foundation, locking relationship is the guarantee, complementary and cross is the direction, and improving efficiency is the key. Zhao Zhan, general manager of Shenzhen Cheyou Internet Technology Co., Ltd., summed up the practice of creating business value for car screens and exploring the business value of IOT applications

Xie Botang, director of China Anxin Holdings Co., Ltd., said that the company 13 After the test, the business scope includes the research, application development and product production of vehicle intelligent management system based on wireless sensor network, and the research and development of urban emergency command and mobilization system and solutions. For the development of IOT enterprises, Xie Baitang has profound experience in four aspects: first, find the entry point of the industry, not only invest heavily in the research and development of IOT technology, but also find the entry point in the application. Second, scale and intensification are the key to accelerating the success of enterprises. Third, the combination of advanced technology application and business model can make enterprises develop continuously. Fourth, we should form an open and flexible industrial chain to constantly meet the changing market demand. To adapt to the market and meet the market, we should also lead the market with high technology and guide consumption

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