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China news service, Washington, February 2 (Diao Haiyang) -- U.S. President Barack Obama met with house speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at the White House on February 2 to elaborate on his administration priorities in the last year of his term. He said he hoped to work with Congress to promote the signing of the TPP agreement and judicial reform

White House spokesman Ernest said at the regular meeting after the main load was added that Obama and Vice President Biden met Ryan and McConnell at the White House that morning, and then had lunch. Ernest said that Obama talked with congressional leaders on the same day about the five priorities he hopes to promote in cooperation with Congress in 2016: signing the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), promoting the reform of criminal justice and other materials with a structure similar to the Dirac band, coping with the debt crisis in Puerto Rico, curbing the spread of drugs, and conducting cancer research

Ernest said that during the meeting that day, the two congressional leaders agreed with the five priorities proposed by Obama. However, there are major differences between the two sides when talking about the health care bill and the closure of Guantanamo prison. He stressed that the White House called on lawmakers from both democratic and Republican parties to seek more consensus and improve the efficiency of deliberations at the legislative level

this meeting is the first formal meeting between Obama and Ryan since their election as speaker of the house of Representatives. Some media believe that American politics entering the election year will be more partisan than usual. At present, the current situation on both sides of the house of representatives of the democratic and Republican parties indicates that Obama's last year in office may have "few achievements"

the market is still in a downturn. McConnell told the media on the 2nd that he believes that the US House of Representatives and Senate should not be too hasty in signing the TPP, and this matter should be put into the term of the next president

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