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I understand the ICT industry policy supply in the first half of 2016: excess and shortage

the supply and demand of the policy, if from the perspective of problem orientation, there is also a problem of supply and demand mismatch, as well as the supply and demand of market products. One of the consequences of the mismatch between supply and demand of industry regulatory policies is to bring uncertainty to the business environment of enterprises, affecting the investment of enterprise resources and the entry and exit of capital in the industry, And the competitive behavior of enterprises in the market

It has been half a year since 2016. The information economy sector represented by telecommunications and Internet is one of the few sectors in China to maintain economic growth. It is necessary for us to review and reflect on the policy supply and demand of the information and communication industry, and look forward to the foreseeable trend of policy supply in the next six months

in 2016, the regulatory authorities significantly accelerated the supply of licenses in monopoly areas. For example, in March, China Communications Information Center obtained the "basic telecommunications business operation license of the people's Republic of China" issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, becoming the second specialized enterprise specializing in basic telecommunications business after China Railway connect in history; In May, the Ministry of industry officially issued the "basic telecommunications business operation license" to China Radio and television network Co., Ltd., approving it to legally operate two basic telecommunications businesses, namely, Internet domestic data transmission business and domestic communication facility service business

both the transportation information center and the radio and television cable network can be regarded as the evolution of the industry to the public communication network in essence. After the policy door has been closed for nearly a decade, the industry regulation idea guided by reducing the number of operators will open a new flash door in 2016, which will revitalize the existing industry resources on the one hand, and draw a perfect end to the three integration under the general trend of social interconnection on the other hand, It is the purpose of increasing the supply of license plates

in addition to basic licenses, some local regulatory authorities are also optimizing policies to increase the number of industry participants. For example, Fujian Provincial Communications Administration has approved the broadband access pilot approval of six private enterprises, which aims to partially absorb private capital and support the construction of broadband access facilities

however, no new policy loosening has been seen on the mobile basic telecommunications license. Although the international community has clearly issued the digital dividend spectrum 700m to mobile broadband, and the radio and television departments are actively piloting 4G data broadband services in this frequency band in many places, the regulatory authorities have always maintained appropriate silence on this

at present, the demand for mobile bandwidth in the world, especially in China, is in a state of explosive growth, which urgently requires global regulators to allocate more wireless bands, or give the green light for the re cultivation of existing bands

in June, the Ministry of industry and information technology loosened the binding of China Telecom and China Unicom with the Ministry of industry and Information Technology Wuhan [2016] No. 193 and the Ministry of industry and Information Technology Wuhan [2016] No. 194 documents, respectively, allowing them to use their 800MHz and 900m bands for LTE, and carry out LTE tests in some regions

we can't confirm the reason why another Chinese operator hasn't obtained the demand for 2G band retraining test, but only in terms of user size, China Unicom was 6367.93 as of April The number of abnormal households is 79.52 million, compared with 79.52 million in Chinatelecom. The urgency of meeting the urgent growth of mobile bandwidth needs of users in the new frequency band is obviously not as urgent as that of China Mobile. In May, the 4G users of China Mobile reached 1703.35 million, and it is still developing at a high speed with a monthly net increase of more than 15million

American operator at t complained in its financial report this year that FCC deliberately ignored the fact that it is the largest mobile user operator in the new spectrum allocation, which may limit the allocation of more frequency bands to at t, resulting in a larger loss of user digital welfare

with the maturity of 4G voice technology, we believe that the low-frequency bands of the three major operators will be ploughed again, but the sooner the industry regulators clarify policies, the more conducive to the flow of industrial resources

in the first half of 2016, the policy supply in the market operating environment was mainly based on information security and real name system

for example, the measures for the administration of Internet domain names (Revised Draft for comments) published by the Ministry of industry and information technology has adjusted the domain name management system. For the first time, it is required not to provide domestic network access services for overseas domain name registration services and domain names managed by institutions that eliminate windows failures for you, which is a major requirement at the level of basic management system

the real name system is still the focus of policy supply, and the Ministry of industry and information technology has successively issued multiple notices, including the notice on further improving the registration of users' real identity information; The e-commerce platform is required to clean up stores that sell cards without authorization, and the time limit is August 31; And for the first time, it is clear that users who refuse to cooperate with the supplementary registration of identity information are not allowed to provide communication services. The deadline is that all users will realize real name registration before June 30, 2017

real name production is one of the foundations of information security. The policy strength in 2016 is different from that before. It is to be re understood from the perspective of counter-terrorism. With the promulgation of the anti-terrorism law, this is one of the manifestations of regulators' strengthening policy supply in the field of information security

in June, the Ministry of industry and information technology also issued the notice of the Ministry of industry and information technology on carrying out the 2016 network security pilot demonstration work in the telecommunications and Internet industry, requiring the three major operators, each Internet until full thallium or a thallium pointer, to be able to carry out zero domain name registration management and service institutions, all Internet enterprises, and relevant units of network security enterprises, all in a coordinated manner

safety is the bottom line that cannot be crossed

in addition, the regulatory authorities continue to maintain an appropriate supply of broadband construction and base station construction. For example, Henan issued and implemented the Interim Measures for the construction and management of broadband network facilities in residential areas in Henan Province, which for the first time refined and clarified the responsibilities of governments at or above the county level, sub district offices, communities, and provincial and municipal housing, urban and rural construction, communication management and other departments, And for the 13 kinds of behaviors that restrict the freedom of communication choice of users in residential areas, it is clear that the housing, urban and rural construction and communication management departments will deal with them in accordance with the relevant provisions

however, as for the intensity of punishment, it can only be recorded in the bad behavior record of the relevant subjects and publicized. Its policy is helpless and regrettable

with the efforts of China's iron towers, the country's first "code for the construction of building mobile communication infrastructure" was issued in Shandong, which is impressive. The code requires that the construction of mobile communication infrastructure should be planned, designed, constructed and accepted synchronously with the building, and the iron tower company is awarded with the initial acceptance report. This is a small step for the iron tower, but a big step for the construction of communication facilities in the telecommunications industry

in less than half a year in 2016, can China's ICT regulatory authorities continue to increase and improve the construction of communication infrastructure, stretching the m8x with 70X70X20mm clamps Φ 206. How about maintaining fair competition in the market, especially the supply of industry fundamental law and Telecommunications Law? Or introduce more detailed support policies in the field of artificial intelligence just introduced, and strengthen the policy supply in the field of Internet manufacturing, big data and so on

these are worthy of attention and continuous observation

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