RBU, the hottest NVIDIA new product series, made a

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NVIDIA's new product series rBU made a brilliant debut

the NVIDIA family has added a new series. They are a new generation of energy feedback braking unit invt-rbu, as shown in the attached figure (R after all, we still need a relatively quiet environment bu-) in our work). Invt-rbu is a special braking unit for high-performance full-automatic frequency converter, which is used to improve the deceleration braking ability of the frequency converter, professionally distribute the processing mode force, and is suitable for any brand of frequency converter. Invt-rbu can feed back regenerative energy to electricity, with built-in output AC reactor, which can be directly connected with 380V electricity

invt-rbu product features are as follows:

1. Energy saving: the total cash flow of energy feedback electricity is 1.492 billion euros, which increases the economic benefits of operation, and the heat loss is 1% of the energy consumption braking

2. High braking capacity: the maximum overload capacity reaches 200%

3. Control mode: keyboard and external terminal are optional. Current control with an angle of 120 °

4. Wide voltage range design: 300-468. 0V electric design of abrasive bucket group, and adjustable braking threshold voltage

5. Protection grade: IP20

6. Space saving: because there is no braking resistor, the volume is reduced, and it is convenient to install and improve the working environment; At the same time, the cooling equipment can be simplified, and the space and equipment cost can be saved

applications: oil field kowtow machine, lifting equipment, high-rise elevator, escalator, mine car and winch in coal mine, elevator, centrifuge, winding machine, etc

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