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Real time monitoring technology in the injection molding workshop

now you can monitor your entire factory by installing and running the monitoring system designed by Moldflow through a wireless handheld device similar to this tablet computer

in the past 20 years since entering the market, the real-time monitoring system that can monitor the operation of the whole factory is only used in 15% to 25% of the injection molding manufacturing plants in the United States. This kind of system has the dual functions of reporting product data to the sales supervisor and dynamically displaying process parameters to help technicians diagnose and optimize equipment operation. Since it can effectively improve the product quality and production capacity of molding plants, why has it not been widely used? Conley Sandberg, President of fullmetrics, a monitoring system manufacturer, said: "because the monitoring system can not directly generate benefits, it is only an auxiliary equipment in the eyes of enterprises."

Susan Montgomery, President of Priamus, another manufacturer, also pointed out: "the early system gave production information through complex and difficult curves, and suggested how to adjust it to improve its efficiency."

however, eight monitoring system manufacturers and some related molding machine manufacturers believe that the rapid development of hardware and software in recent years will bring such systems to you again

extensive upgrade

part of the function improvement comes from the development of equipment suppliers to commercial operating systems. For example, Microsoft's windows operating system provides a friendly and direct office processing interface that can be used in workshops. This open system can process the collected data more easily through enterprise resource planning (ERP) and production execution system (MES)

manufacturers are also trying to introduce Internet, wireless network and local communication technology into the system, so that data can be quickly transferred from the workshop to other places or portable devices, such as mobile computers, PDAs, tablets and

in terms of process monitoring, some manufacturers have developed plug and play instruments, which can realize automatic calibration and adjust the operation process. At least two companies have expressed their appreciation for the embedded intelligence, convenient use and faster feedback brought by this new digital sensor. Digital sensors greatly enhance the function of this system and simplify the operation of the system in the workshop

similar to the PPMs system produced by fullmetrics, the new monitoring system allows users to have a bird's-eye view of the factory from the global situation and read more detailed single process data by pressing the key

pressure sensitive data displays have been designed more and more humanized, and some are equipped with touch screens or computer operating systems to make data reading more convenient. In addition, many such devices can display process and product data on a single hardware at the same time

manufacturers have manufactured a variety of simple, portable or modular monitoring systems for sale to smaller molding plants. A portable pressure sensing data collector can be obtained by adding 350 dollars to a set of system, and a set of software that can be adapted to the network can be obtained by adding 2500 dollars. For medium-sized factories, the price of purchasing a more sophisticated large-scale fixed module system is no more than $100000 at most

manufacturers are also constantly improving their monitoring software to provide a broader "window" for factory operation monitoring - not only molding machines, but also upstream raw material processing equipment and downstream secondary processing. The system can do more than before. They can manage documents, set assembly settings, record historical information during operation or shutdown, and the causes of waste products. Now, the monitoring system not only helps the molding factory produce qualified parts, but also ensures that the parts are delivered to the correct destination, marked with the correct information, and assembled in the correct position

new digital sensors, such as lynx hole pressure sensor of rjg company, can improve the monitoring accuracy, and its embedded intelligence can also make assembly easier

automatic collection of product information through the equipment monitoring system can eliminate the previous batch reimbursement statistical work. Now it is no longer necessary to summarize the statistical data from each machine one by one before the end of daily production. Instead, it is automatically completed in real time in the daily production process through the monitoring system

sellers pointed out that if each monitoring system can help a molding factory with 20 production equipment produce 5% more products, it is equivalent to spending the money of a monitoring system to buy an additional production equipment. In addition, if the molding factory wants to manufacture automation and medical instruments for sale in the market, it must provide historical quality reports - "quality assurance" - which can be obtained through the monitoring system. Molding and processing plants can even use the production qualification report generated by their monitoring system to attract more customers after the adjustment of Leeb hardness tester

low end products

mattec company recently launched a low-cost product monitoring system, which can provide real-time statistical data of cycle time, downtime and waste, and can monitor up to 64 machines at the same time. The price of the above "the man-a-ger" system is $9500, which can be upgraded to mattec's high-end product "prohelp" system

syscon plantstar introduced the progress of their development of "quickshot" system and the product monitoring software used in the past year. This is a low-end simple system that can be installed automatically. The system is bundled with preset settings that can be applied to 12, 24, 36 or 48 machines, including the production sequence and cycle calculation of each machine, and the reserved space can store 10 waste codes, 10 shutdown types and 10 fault calls. The total price of a system for 48 machines is $30000

the "ilink" launched by rjg company is a simple and low price product monitoring system. It can monitor running time, downtime, produced parts, parts to be produced, scrap rate and other standard items. Ilink can display the current working data, the previous working data and the total data of the whole production process

the "productionace" system developed by production process company is a set of product monitoring system that can be used in the whole factory. It only loads one module, so you can install it from one machine, and add a corresponding number of monitoring platforms as needed, and connect it through the "Chrysanthemum" network. Only a few economical lateral pressure mechanical data sensors (MDT) can be competent. It can provide up to 40 downtime and 20 unqualified types. Each platform needs a mechanical data sensor. The starting price is $350 each, and the starting software needs $2500

report on process monitoring

about last year, Hunkar company added "smart" data analysis and reporting system to its "source" factory monitoring system. The addition of "smart" makes "source" a self adaptive configuration system, which can obtain data information from machines, auxiliary equipment, environmental control and upstream and downstream operations. The new system is characterized by the use of a "smart 1000" touch screen interface containing pressure measurement data units, as well as Hunkar's portable mechanical analyzer (PMA). Relying on the above equipment, the portable mechanical analyzer can simultaneously monitor up to 35 process parameters and store nearly 1000 cycles of data

Hunkar also developed its "smart beeper" system, a system that automatically sends alarm messages. Originally it was designed as a broadcast, but now the system can send any user-defined alarm to, PDA or even email. It can send information to an unlimited number of communication devices at the same time, and can send different warning signals to the designated recipients

Hunkar also sells new "instrument grade" precision pressure sensors. Barker said that the accuracy of this new sensor is ± 0.7 psi, while that of ordinary sensors is generally ± 7 psi

"fullmetrics machine analyzer" is a portable process monitor and analysis tool, which is usually used to optimize the production process, monitor and repair faults, and study process performance. It is designed based on the 32-bit standard of Windows XP system. The new embedded statistical process control (SPC) mapping function can provide multiple real-time diagrams and images, as well as tracking functions. The next development will include remote Internet monitoring and automatic feedback functions, such as through email or audible alarm

priamus is a company established only three years ago, mainly engaged in process monitoring and control equipment based on mold cavity pressure and temperature sensing. The "primamus monitor" system it sells has been enhanced to display all measured signals in real time, not just the information at the end of the work cycle

it has been commented that it will be much easier to collect signals simultaneously for more machines using the new "Priamus approximate data processor" (PADI). This simple processor includes a connector that can automatically adapt to any machine and transmit the signal to the "primamus approximate data processor" in a standard format

priamus has also upgraded its "tool box" mobile single pressure monitoring system to handle the increasing process parameters (up to 16 channels). The software of "tool box" has also been upgraded to display all signal values measured when switching from filling pressure to holding pressure. Various measurement times, such as injection time, pressure holding time or molding time, are displayed on another screen. This software includes the mold setting part, the performance monitoring part - checking the performance index of the machine and production process, the stability monitoring part - measuring the overload operation of the machine, and the energy monitoring part - analyzing the energy consumption. This portable device can be connected to the brain with excellent weather resistance and certain scratch resistance required by mobile electricity through USB interface, and then trend report, process capability (CPK) analysis and equipment and process performance report can be carried out. Priamus introduced a new mini mold cavity temperature sensor with a diameter of 1mm and a length of 12.5mm. It can be directly connected with flexible cables without the help of socket sleeve and steel conduit. It is said that this small sensor can improve the speed of signal feedback

priamus announced a new model of signal conditioning equipment called "universal signal conditioning multi DAQ". It is said that it can provide higher accuracy to control temperature, pressure or voltage signals transmitted from machine or model sensors. The device can process up to 16 channels at the same time, and can be expanded to 64 channels. It can be connected to the company's intelligent system or portable mechanical analyzer (PMA) for monitoring, and can also provide control signals to operate the switching from filling state to holding state

priamus also released a new piezoelectric sensor called "priased". Due to the built-in hardware coding, the sensor has a stronger plug and play function. It allows the control or monitor to automatically identify the sensor type to select the most appropriate signal range to work

product monitoring

last year, Hunkar launched its first product monitoring system. This "Hunkar production server" (HPS) can not only collect data in the production process, but also through bar code scanner, signal printer and airborne camera

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