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On June 21, the Tencent cloud + future summit was held in Shenzhen. At the meeting, Tencent cloud released its new AI as a service strategy smart cloud for the first time, opening Tencent's three core AI capabilities in computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition and other fields to more enterprises and institutions. At present, Tencent cloud technology community has launched a series of articles to explain in detail to developers how to quickly access and use smart cloud

1. What is AI as a service

ai as a service is that Tencent cloud provides a new AI open service layer on the working platform with square horizontal instruments at the software level, algorithm framework services, infrastructure services and other dimensions in order to meet the multi-dimensional needs of the market for AI capabilities

2. What is in the smart cloud

the product planning of Tencent cloud's smart cloud is: Based on the wide range of industries involved in AI and the great differences in the use of AI, in order to make water-based polyurethane adhesive widely used in door panels, columns, instrument panels, seats and top covers, so that government enterprises can more effectively provide smart cloud services, Tencent cloud in addition to opening three core capabilities: computer vision, intelligent speech recognition and natural language processing, At the same time, targeted services are provided for different types of enterprises, including application services and solutions that can quickly adapt to government and enterprise business scenarios. It also includes the algorithm framework self-service for developers and experienced users, as well as the infrastructure self-service required by AI for the whole industry

so far, Tencent cloud has provided 25 AI services, including 8 application services, 15 platform services and 2 framework services

(1) in the field of computer vision, Tencent cloud has opened a number of intelligent cloud services such as OCR recognition (optical character recognition), face recognition, image processing, yellow identification, etc

(2) in the field of intelligent speech recognition, Tencent cloud provides capabilities including speech to text, speech synthesis, voiceprint recognition, audio yellow discrimination, keyword retrieval, emotion recognition, etc

in the field of natural language processing, Tencent cloud provides intelligent recommendation services and intelligent customer service based on natural language processing

the combination of intelligent speech recognition and computer vision only brings more possibilities in application scenarios

3. How powerful is the power behind smart cloud

the three capabilities of computer vision, intelligent speech recognition and natural language processing included in the intelligent cloud come from Tencent AI Lab, Tencent Youtu lab and intelligent speech team respectively. Tencent AI Lab provides natural language processing capabilities with recognition accuracy of more than 97.9%; Tencent Youtu laboratory provides computer vision processing ability, and the accuracy rate in LFW test of international authoritative face recognition database is more than 99.8%; The intelligent speech recognition ability provided by the intelligent speech team is higher than 97%

are industry-leading

4. What are the powerful capabilities of smart cloud

machine learning and deep learning in artificial intelligence require a large amount of data for training. Tencent has a broad business scenario, with a total accumulated data storage of more than 1000 Pb, which is more than the collection of 15000 largest libraries in the world (the library of Congress)

the largest computing cluster and years of cloud computing experience

in order to ensure the stability of Tencent cloud services on a global scale, Tencent cloud consolidated infrastructure construction:

improved computing performance, combined with the latest GPU technology in the industry, launched multi machine, multi card, multi category computing examples. Launched the first domestic cloud server equipped with 25G card and the first domestic FPGA cloud server with high-performance heterogeneous computing infrastructure

with massive data storage capacity, Tencent cloud provides full storage scenario services, including product solutions from high-frequency, intermediate frequency, near line to archive storage, as well as storage customs and customized storage solutions

in the network field, Tencent cloud has built an industry-leading T-level super large capacity global ring, and each node is guaranteed by redundant links. The delay of the newly built exclusive channel from Shanghai to the western United States is only 120 milliseconds

cdn field, Tencent cloud CDN bandwidth reserve increased to 70t in 2017, an increase of 40%; At the same time, Tencent cloud has more than 800 global CDN nodes, covering more than 30 countries and regions

in the construction of global data centers, Tencent cloud currently has 31 global service nodes, covering five continents. Tencent cloud is already the Internet cloud service provider with the most complete infrastructure in the world

5. What are the possible application scenarios of Intelligent Cloud

intelligent cloud has been applied on many occasions

based on Tencent Youtu face recognition technology, the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department's anti loss platform has helped find 124 missing people in just two and a half months

SF can quickly recognize handwritten express orders by using Tencent Youtu OCR technology, and 20million express orders can be recognized in 3 hours

the live broadcast station used visual recognition to review pornographic information, with an average daily access of more than 900million pictures, cracking down on more than 2million pornographic pictures; Using speech recognition to filter sensitive keywords and pornographic audio, the accuracy of the attack is more than 98%

Tencent cloud microenterprise intelligent service solution, all the hardware connected to microenterprises can quickly have the ability of vision and hearing, ranging from speakers to robots, medical institutions or cars. Generally, there are two errors in the pointer reading 1. 1. Pointer error 2. Human error. After connecting with microenterprises, communication and interaction with users can be realized quickly

Tencent cloud provides intelligent customer service based on natural language processing capabilities. The daily message intelligent processing rate of financial customers has reached 97.9%. In the face of 900000 times of consulting information every day, only one intelligent customer service and eight manual customer service are required, which is equivalent to the work of 400 customer service in the past 10 hours of connection every day

Tencent cloud intelligent recommendation based on natural language processing has been widely used in e-commerce, games, finance, pan entertainment and other fields. Relying on Tencent's 2billion user portraits and taking data + algorithm + system as the core, it provides customers with millisecond response personalized recommendations

more scenes

6 What policies does Tencent cloud have for smart cloud

smart cloud is committed to creating an open ecosystem. Tencent cloud and Tencent open platform jointly launched the AI accelerator project to provide small and medium-sized and entrepreneurial enterprises with incubation resources integrating technology, capital, consultants and market

Qiu yuepeng, vice president of Tencent and President of Tencent cloud, said:

cloud has become the key to the future inclusive of AI. The introduction of intelligent cloud is the rapid development of computing and big data capabilities. It is the product of the development of AI to the stage of large-scale industrialization, which can reduce the threshold of innovation in the whole society and expand the imagination of future society and business

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