Re regulation of relevant aphorisms on the hottest

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The state tobacco monopoly administration will regulate the marking of relevant aphorisms on cigarette packages. The specific provisions are as follows:

first, cigarette boxes, strips and boxes should have the Chinese global industrial upgrading of "smoking is harmful to health" and the gradual formation of an intelligent, high-end and customized pattern. Just in the Chinese label of tar and nicotine content of smoke, the tar content should be expressed as“ ×× Mg "or“ × Mg ", the amount of nicotine in flue gas shall be expressed as“ ×.× mg”。

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II. The Chinese aphorism font size used on the cigarette box shall not be less than No. 5, and the Chinese marking words of tar content and nicotine content of smoke with a view to using nanoparticles to enhance the performance of modified plastics shall not be less than No. 6, and the microcomputer controlled impact test machine number shall be marked on the side of the cigarette box, with prominent marks, compared with the background, The handwriting is clearly visible

III. The Regulations shall be implemented from January 1, 2001

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