Real time monitoring of the thickness change of th

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Real time monitoring of sludge thickness changes and control of related technological processes

mh-y ultrasonic sludge water interface instrument is specially designed for continuous monitoring of sludge interface in sewage treatment process. Using the reliable ultrasonic echo detection principle, the instrument detects the distance between the sensor probe and the sludge interface and the distance between the bottom surface, and realizes the real-time monitoring of the change of sludge thickness per meter and the control of relevant technological processes, so as to optimize the sludge discharge control and dosing control, prevent the deterioration of effluent, avoid sludge denitrification and decomposition, and optimize the technological control process

〇 reliable ultrasonic echo measurement principle, easy to use; As an environmentally friendly material that can replace the traditional coating, the spray free material can adjust the ultrasonic emission energy, and can adapt to various measuring media and a wide range

〇 advanced circuit design and software algorithm can eliminate on-site interference and make stable and accurate measurement

the measured value can be displayed on the large LCD screen, and the sludge status can be displayed graphically at the same time

〇 Chinese menu, easy to operate

〇 multiple outputs are optional,

〇 set limit alarm and fault alarm relay output

technical parameters

range: 0.1 ~ 20m

resolution: 1mm

accuracy: +1% FS

Display: LCD display date and time, measured value, historical trend line, etc.

power supply: AC220V

water supply plant

coal washing plant

sedimentation tank


mortar sedimentation tank

sewage treatment plant for this reason, we also put forward some personal views Secondary sedimentation tank and concentration tank

protection grade: IP65 (transmitter)

ip68 (sensor)

working temperature: transmitter plastic film tensile strength/elongation at break experiment: -20 ~ 70 ℃

sensor: 0 ~ 70 ℃

analog output: isolation 4 ~ 20mA, maximum load 500

relay output: 4 control relay outputs

relay capacity: 2A, 250VAC

digital interface: RS-485 optional

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