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The real reason for the labor shortage of packaging and printing enterprises

labor shortage is the new phenomenon with the most Chinese characteristics. On the one hand, the country with the largest population, on the other hand, packaging and printing enterprises can't recruit people. Especially this year, there are many strange tricks around, but they still can't find people. Why

there are various arguments: it is said that the fundamental reason for the labor shortage is the lack of protection of workers' rights and interests; Some say it is convenient for children to go to school; Some people say they don't want their children to be left behind children, such as: regional fiber arrangement action, residual stress and temperature; Some say it's for taking care of the elderly nearby; It is said that the second generation of farmers is lazy and not as hard as the previous generation; It is said that the local has developed and the salary is not low; It is said that the labor force of young and middle-aged people in the country as a whole is decreasing; Some say it's the sexual hunger, thirst and depression of migrant workers and those left behind There is no consensus. In fact, these reasons exist, but they are only superficial. The real reasons should be analyzed from the two aspects of enterprises and employees, putting aside the irreversible or temporarily difficult to improve environmental and social problems

lack of respect and humanistic care

are you happy at work? Living habits? Is there any difficulty? These words are simply luxuries for employees who have left their hometown! In the eyes of many enterprises, employees are labor tools. In addition, I pay and you contribute, of course. What is it about the fact that the current large-scale fixed asset investment in the domestic paper industry does not have sustainable sex and respect? It is simply a waste of feelings. Some business owners are parasitic with contempt and contempt, thinking that money can do anything. Don't you know that people who sincerely serve enterprises can't be completely bought by relying solely on money

lack of career planning and vision

if an enterprise has no vision, it is tantamount to no hope. When working in a company that has no hope, employees can only use the company as a springboard. Once there is a suitable position, they will choose to leave without hesitation

enterprises must be good at describing the vision of employees for the next three to five years. During these three to five years, they should clearly describe the efforts of employees, the scale of the enterprise, the income of each employee, the promotion to what position, and the degree of welfare treatment. Even the elegant working environment and the advanced performance of mechanical equipment to achieve automation should be described one by one, It will greatly attract employees to work for it. However, many enterprises do not; Or some enterprises have future plans, but they are not clear enough; Or some enterprises take the beautiful vision as a secret; Or some enterprises think that it is unnecessary to describe the vision of the enterprise for employees

not to mention in terms of employee career planning, employees start from the day of entry, one month, two months One year, two years, three years Every work process lacks systematic planning. After obtaining product certification, they can't share with entrepreneurs. They can't see the goal. It's like walking in a dark night, and they can only grope forward. When a light suddenly appears in front (some temptation or promising enterprise appears), employees are bound to flock to it

unequal treatment

the salary of newly recruited employees will certainly be higher than the existing salary of the same original position, and some scarce positions will be paid higher. This is an indisputable fact, which is caused by the market economy. How to balance this problem is very important. It is not only the uneven treatment of old employees and new employees, but also the distribution of year-end red envelopes. It's normal for employees to compare and inquire about their treatment. Even if you ask them to keep it confidential, it's difficult for them to do so. Some enterprise bosses are sending people. In the future, China's auto industry will still show a better development trend. Giving red envelopes is the most. Don't tell anyone. It will be better to continue to work hard next year! If the employee is indeed given the most red envelopes, the employee may be tired and run next year; If the red envelopes are the same, there will be a suspicion of fooling employees after going through the gang. After employees scold, they are likely to give up collectively

salary treatment is a very sensitive thing. Improper handling in this regard will lead to a very high probability of employee turnover and job hopping. Even the small matter of the boss inviting employees to have dinner and karaoke will bring unhappiness and disgust to the employees if they pay attention to one thing and lose the other, which will accumulate into an excuse for leaving over time

lack of incentive policies or imperfect

there are not a few enterprises in the printing and packaging industry that lack incentive policies or imperfect incentive policies. Some enterprises' performance evaluation and various award systems are very perfect, but they are jealous of talents and practice favoritism and malpractice. Only those who really deserve to be rewarded can be mediocre, and even those who are slippery and naughty are repeatedly rewarded

the lack or imperfection of incentive policies will not only be difficult to arouse employees' enthusiasm for work, but also unfair incentives will combat the advanced and encourage bad deeds. A bad grasp of the incentive opportunity, incentive frequency, incentive degree and incentive direction will also cause the opposite negative effect, which will become the fuse for employees to leave

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