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Steel market diary: the sun is good, the market price is strong

Abstract: the overall supply is tight, and the resources are highly concentrated. For large households (steel mills), what they sell now is not goods, but "attitude": you can't buy, I can't help rising; Opportunities don't always exist. Who cares more about profits

November 23, sunny. Just after the "light snow" and then to the "foreign festival", according to the Convention, many people will "thank" in the circle of friends - "don't look for pure land thousands of miles, sweep snow frost in front of their own doors". In this chaotic world, we need to thank others and be ourselves. Today, the sunshine in Shencheng is very good, and the market price is strong

this morning, the trading guide price of Xiben Shinkansen members increased by 40 yuan, the rebar steel index was 4510 yuan, and the mm of high-quality grade III rebar was reported at yuan/ton. Today, the mainstream quotation in the market rose, and the actual transaction price rose slightly. In addition, the cost index of Xiben Shinkansen today was 2609 yuan (excluding the weighed production cost of "three expenses" deformed steel bars in East China), up 9 yuan from the previous trading day

spot continues to rise, and futures are difficult to fall; Echoing the current trend, the rise is strong - yesterday, the quotation of Shanghai construction steel market was higher, but the shipment volume continued to decline. Yesterday night, black commodity futures rose as a whole; At the opening today, the quotation of leading dealers rose again. Specifically, the price of rebar rose by yuan/ton, that is, mm Kuti resources were linked to yuan; The mainstream price raised by the factory is yuan/ton; Other large-scale anti-seismic grade III steel (mainly OEM products) is reported at RMB/ton. The overall price of high-speed wire is higher, the Q235 resources of Beitai and Jiujiang are reported at yuan, and the resource quotation of Zhongtian hpb300 material factory is 4570 yuan/ton; Conch rose, with products from Huanghai and xinsanzhou Kuti, an innovation team of Haizheng group, reported yuan, and Zhongtian, Yonggang and Shagang raised prices of yuan/ton. Resources are monopolized, big the final say, and the price of construction steel in Shanghai is moving higher

during the day yesterday, it was rare to see the rise in intraday trading, and the shipments of small and medium-sized dealers were often impeded. When everyone thought that the price hike was over, the "rise" of the night trading of futures encouraged "morale". Today's opening, the weather is sunny, and the quotation of leading resources continues to push up: in Kuti resources, the prices of Zhongtian, SHENTE, Xilin, Huanghai, Beitai, Xinfu Steel, xinsanzhou and Wuhu Xinxing are increased, the mainstream price of rebar is about 4320 yuan, and the price of conch is 4420 yuan -4500 yuan; Among the resources provided by the factory, the base price of thread steel is 4270 yuan, and the mainstream base prices of thread and spiral steel produced by Zhongtian, Yonggang and Shagang are 4320 yuan and 4580 yuan/ton respectively. High quality products inertia pushed up, and the rise of qualified products slowed down: the mainstream price of rebar was yuan/ton, and wire rod and spiral rod were linked to yuan/ton. If you can't sell, take a rest; Not many goods, continue to rise - yesterday broke through the annual high, and today's morning quotation is higher

the overall supply is tight and resources are highly concentrated. For large households (steel mills), what they sell now is not goods, but "attitude": you can't buy it, I can't help but increase it. 4. Plug in and out the interface on the controller, and you must turn off the controller power; Opportunities don't always exist. Who cares more about profits—— Price increases always begin with them. At the opening of the morning market, a steel plant increased its listing price by another 20 yuan/ton on the basis of the increase before the closing yesterday afternoon; A large inventory owner ignored the low sales volume yesterday, and the quotation generally increased by 30 yuan/ton; On the basis of its high quotation, the "guiding price" of a factory increased by 20 yuan/ton in terms of industrial structure. Large households spared no effort to push up, and there were no low-cost resources in the market. Subsequently, the quotations from other places of origin were raised successively, with increases ranging from 10 yuan to 30 yuan. The base prices of Zhongtian, Yonggang and other factories also generally increased by more than 20 yuan/ton (the specifications of deformed steel bar in Shagang factory warehouse were out of stock, and many agents were out of stock). The market is rising aggressively, and customers can only endure it silently. At this time, they are most afraid of the site reporting the purchasing plan - if they can't make money, they won't say, "looking for goods" is still encountering obstacles everywhere: either this specification is not available, or that specification is out of stock. There is no profit, and the procurement is still quite difficult. Under such a situation, who is willing to actively place an order unless it is absolutely necessary? According to the feedback from the spot operation points, the trading in the morning market was cold. After 10 o'clock, large inventory households only had a small amount of shipments, and the demand mainly came from the scattered plan on the construction site

from the transaction situation in the morning, due to the decline in shipments, the willingness of small and medium-sized dealers to "follow the rise" is weakening, but they are unwilling to reduce prices and promote sales, especially rebar. Incomplete specifications lead to high prices. For example, among high-quality products, the transaction prices of rebar such as SHENTE, Guanggang and Xinfu Steel are above 4320 yuan, and a small amount of resources of Zhongtian are linked to 4370 yuan/ton; In addition, the specification level difference of qualified seismic resources is chaotic, with more than 25mm hanging above 4300 yuan/ton. The selling price is not low, and the sales volume is not high. As of noon, the vast majority of dealers reported that the shipment volume is relatively small. Therefore, except for the quotation of a few large investors, the prices of other traders have not been adjusted

in the morning, large households pushed up, and there were not many shipments; In the afternoon, the demand is limited and the price remains unchanged. In the afternoon, despite the decline of the stock market, rebar futures finally closed up. Unfortunately, customers' enthusiasm to buy goods was not high at all. There is no positive stimulus, lack of sales boost, and the performance of the spot market is not satisfactory: throughout the afternoon, the number of goods demanded at the construction site is relatively small, and the intermediate demand is almost zero. The most critical thing is that traders' expectations of "bullish" are no longer strong - although the price of leading resources continues to be strong, behind the high price is "unsalable". The price is up and the demand is down. The spot trading data of Xiben Shinkansen shows that the terminal procurement volume today is lower than yesterday, indicating that the construction site is still digesting the early stock; Rigid demand is not strong, and market sales are reduced: the sales volume of large inventory households is less than 3000 tons, and the shipment volume of qualified products is 3500 tons - the total volume has decreased for the third consecutive day. The "routine" deduced by the market is basically like this: it is only the first step until the demand weakens and it is no longer out of stock

today, the Shanghai market is still pushing up, and some of the surrounding regions are rising: the ex factory price of Masteel in Hefei market is rising, and the market price is higher; The price limit of Nanjing leading steel mills increased, and the market price continued to rise; Nanchang's leading steel mills followed suit, and the market price stabilized; Fuzhou and Xiamen market prices remain unchanged, and shipments are weak; Hangzhou market was stable in the morning and basically stable in the session

the high spot price decreased and the high futures fluctuated. Today, Shanghai steel futures rose steadily in the morning, and repeated several times in the session. The whole sky wave Eagle Group also established a Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. the dynamic range narrowed, and the closing prices of all contracts rose. Among them, the rebar 1805 contract opened at 3817 yuan, with a maximum of 3858 yuan, a minimum of 3808 yuan, and closed at 3826 yuan, up 32 yuan/ton from the settlement price of the previous trading day. On the previous trading day, Platts iron ore index (62% Pb powder, CFR) was reported at $66.65, up $2.75 from the previous day. In addition, according to the rebar prices monitored by Xiben Shinkansen in 61 major cities across the country, 47 cities increased, accounting for 77%; 0 cities fell, accounting for 0%; There are 14 flat cities, accounting for 23%—— Nationwide, there are no declining cities, and the rising market accounts for the majority, but the pattern of general rise no longer exists; In the afternoon, the area of consolidation continued to increase

in terms of news, according to the data of Sinosteel, the daily output of crude steel of member enterprises in early November was 1.812 million tons, an increase of 0.61% on a ten day basis, and the national estimated value was 2.2899 million tons, an increase of 0.42% on a ten day basis. The steel inventory at the end of this ten day period was 11.972 million tons, a decrease of 1.7% over the previous period—— Crude steel output remained high, and the inventory of enterprises did not rebound. It can be seen that steel mills are still enjoying the dividends of "booming production and sales"

the ideal of life is for the ideal life; The change of the market means that we don't understand the changing market. In today's Shanghai construction steel market, the price inertia rises, and the transaction is generally weak. Conclusion: large households make efforts, and their demand is negative; It is still pushing higher and the momentum is slowing down

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