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The iron and steel industry is still the main battlefield of the blue sky defense battle

at the recently held 201 is not a machine problem 8 (the ninth) China Iron and steel energy conservation and emission reduction forum, Li Xinchuang, President of the metallurgical industry planning and Research Institute, said that the environmental protection work of the iron and steel industry has made positive progress in loosening the cylindrical storage tank, and the emission of sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and other pollutants per ton of steel has decreased by more than 60% in the past 10 years. Due to the large output of steel, the emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter in the steel industry rank third, third and first in all industrial industries respectively, and are still the main battlefield of the blue sky defense war

Li Xinchuang said that the universal experimental machine is a product separated from modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology. There are great differences in the environmental protection level of iron and steel enterprises, including Baosteel, TISCO, which have reached the world's advanced level, and a number of backward enterprises with serious pollution. The prevention and control of air pollution in the steel industry has just entered the deep-water area: the industrial structure and industrial layout need to be adjusted urgently; Technological process and energy structure need to be optimized; The level of environmental protection treatment equipment needs to be upgraded

according to the work plan for ultra low emission transformation of iron and steel enterprises (Exposure Draft), the corresponding control standard requirements are: the hourly average emission concentrations of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are not higher than 10 mg/m3, 35 mg/m3 and 50 mg/m3 respectively in the flue gas of sintering machine head and pellet roasting under the condition of 16% reference oxygen content; The hourly average emission concentration of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from other pollution sources shall not be higher than 10 mg/m3, 50 mg/m3 and 150 mg/m3 respectively

Li Xinchuang said that the high precision and the introduction of ultra-low emission standards in the iron and steel industry marked the beginning of the nationwide atmospheric governance work in the non electric industry. The strictest emission standard in history shows the government's determination to resolutely control air pollution and win the battle to defend the blue sky; Multi dimensional reward and punishment policies such as environmental protection tax, differentiated electricity price and "differentiated production restriction" provide a strong guarantee for the implementation and sustainability of ultra-low emission transformation

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