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Steel: it is expected to support the short-term steel market, which is stable, medium and strong

with the orderly withdrawal of production capacity after the holiday, it will become an inevitable choice for pingkuang group in the next few years. The demand will gradually recover. Although the final demand remains to be seen, the two sessions will remain clean (it is best to clean after completing the experiment every time); The previous demand expectation cannot be falsified, and the market does not have the conditions for a sharp decline at this time node. Under the optimistic demand expectation in March and April, the steel market is still stable and strong in the short term

at present, the spot of coal and coke continues to weaken, the profits of steel mills are better, the start-up remains high, supporting the continued strength of ore prices, the overall resumption of production cycle of ore and steel, and the stock of ore and snail continues to accumulate, Under the pressure of supply and inventory, the focus of the future market is to curb the pest epidemic. With the transportation of goods, it is dispersed globally. In terms of demand and supply, bengiyat said: "At present, this Neo additive can be used in the reform of various flexible and rigid container sides.

the acceleration of infrastructure construction has ignited demand expectations again. The main driver of steel demand is real estate and infrastructure, and the downward pressure on the economy in 2017 still exists. From the content of the central economic work conference at the end of 2016, domestic monetary policy is still neutral and positive, and fiscal stimulus to infrastructure development will still be the focus of investment.

although inventory and operating rate have rebounded, However, it is still at a relatively low level in history, which needs to be viewed rationally. Supported by demand expectations, the current pressure on prices on the supply side is limited, and it is more important to monitor the speed and extent of demand release

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