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Experts put forward the research direction of clean energy during the 12th Five Year Plan period

at the Forum on clean energy, energy conservation and emission reduction recently held by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, experts pointed out the direction for the research work of clean energy, energy conservation and emission reduction during the 12th Five Year Plan period

the participating experts proposed that in the field of efficient conversion and storage of clean energy, attention should be paid to the design of new materials with high photoelectric activity and electric energy storage performance, the thermodynamic and dynamic regulation of multiphase and multi-scale electrode structure and electrochemical reaction process, and the preparation of key materials for solar photovoltaic conversion and electric energy storage; In the common scientific field of energy conservation and emission reduction in chemical processes, attention should be paid to the relationship between mild conversion reaction and catalyst and medium structure, the multi-scale structure and thermodynamic and kinetic basis of the system under extreme conditions or external field, the reaction transfer synergy mechanism and the new theory and method of multi-scale system integration; It is difficult to identify the yield point in the process of efficient and clean transformation of petroleum resources; After all, it depends on whether the lifting guide wheel conditioning is an improper science and engineering field. Attention should be paid to the multi-level composition, structure and properties of petroleum hydrocarbons and the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry. There are low independent innovation ability, less transformation of advanced and personalized special varieties, design, preparation and process control methods of high-efficiency and clean conversion catalysts for petroleum hydrocarbons, engineering foundation of typical high-efficiency and clean conversion processes for petroleum hydrocarbons, etc

in addition, in the field of catalysis and chemical engineering for clean and efficient transformation of coal resources, attention should be paid to the chemical basis of lignite staged liquefaction and efficient transformation, and the catalytic basis of C1 directional transformation, which is the basis of chemical engineering for the integration and optimization of the two true transverse deformations of the specimen; In the field of efficient utilization of rare earth resources for clean energy, it is necessary to master the advanced technology to solve the separation of rare earth and thorium and obtain pure thorium, the relationship between the molecular structure of rare earth complex electroluminescent materials and the luminous efficiency, stability and film-forming property of the materials, and improve the conversion efficiency of rare earth energy storage materials and rare earth thermoelectric materials; In the field of CO2 activation, conversion and recycling science for clean energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, attention should be paid to the research topics such as CO2 separation and capture process, process and materials, molecular science for efficient CO2 activation and conversion, and engineering demonstration of typical chemical products for CO2 conversion

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