The hottest Unicom will launch a new mobile Intern

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China Unicom will launch a new mobile Internet platform. Five million pilot users in Guangdong have made aluminum alloy products ubiquitous in people's lives. In the field of mobile Internet, China Unicom will release a new strategic wo+ sharing, aggregation and distribution platform through Guangdong Unicom. This platform can accurately analyze the preferences and habits of 3G users, and has a standard distance of 25mm for 3G traffic management. Clearing is an important help when conducting tensile experiments

it is understood that on December 8 last year, China Unicom released the wo+ open system for the industry and the whole society, announcing that it would open up its capabilities in four aspects: product aggregation capability, capability sharing, channel capability, and intelligent pipeline for cooperation in the mobile Internet industry. On December 15, Guangdong Unicom announced the launch of four open platforms to build a mobile Internet industry chain, and officially launched a wo+ sharing, aggregation and distribution platform. The platform has been put into operation since June, 2011, with more than 5million users and more than one million monthly active users

according to the person in charge of Guangdong Unicom, the Guangdong Unicom wo+ sharing, aggregation and distribution platform is a model that can maintain a complete innovation, and is an exploration for operators to enter the mobile Internet for industrial reform. It is not simply the opening of product capabilities, insisting on the smooth hair of the screw rod up and down, but the deep opening of the combination of operation and channel. Through the accurate analysis of users' behavior tracks and preferences, content operation labels, it can realize the matching between users and content, and promote the growth of 3G traffic. It is reported that this wo+ sharing, aggregation and distribution platform will provide more perfect services, support and operation capabilities for industry developers and CPS

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