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Unify the packaging identification of accessories to comprehensively improve the quality of accessories

under the situation that the promotion of accessories packaging in the domestic construction machinery industry is generally low, Sany group has vigorously carried out accessories packaging work, and has been at the forefront of the industry. The accessories packaging work has evaluated the stalk 5 of crops, mold size and manufacturing tolerance stalk bearing capacity, which not only plays a propaganda role in the company's culture and accessories brand construction, It has also filled the gap in the packaging of domestic construction machinery accessories and profoundly affected the development mode of China's heavy industry brand

in order to build the brand of Sany pure accessories, Sany group invests tens of millions of funds to carry out this work every year, and unifies the standards of all companies under the group. With the strong support and guidance of the company's leaders, Sany group has now established a packaging research institute, which has carried out systematic and comprehensive professional improvement training for all packaging managers of the group who have improved the safety of cyclists, standardized and unified the packaging appearance marks and packaging materials, and developed Xinyi high-speed and low-pressure molding packaging materials to solve the problem of difficult packaging of special-shaped parts and small parts. On the basis of cost saving, Make the best packaging

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