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On the afternoon of November 10, China Unicom held a launch conference of the application store - Wo store listing and the launch of a series of creative competitions in Shanghai today. Shanghai is casual, and the relative error is larger. Government leaders, developer representatives, terminal manufacturers About 500 guests from operating system manufacturers and other partners attended the launch ceremony

China Unicom shares 37% with developers

talking about Wo store, Cai quangen, general manager of China Unicom Shanghai Branch, said that this is a cross platform, open application development and promotion platform, which aims to do the aggregation, trading and service platform of application software

it is understood that China Unicom Wo store adopts a 3:7 sharing mode with developers. The product supports almost all WCDMA intelligent terminals. At the same time, the payment method adopts China Unicom's special real-time account - Wo account. Users can use Unicom one card charging, bank card and other methods to recharge Wo account in real time, and can provide developers with real-time settlement

at present, China Unicom users will enjoy about 2200 innovative applications in six categories, including games, tools, entertainment, themes, life and reading. It is reported that since the date of listing and release, wo store has synchronously launched the opening gift giving activity of Wo store, and users will receive a 20 yuan consumption grant of Wo store upon registration

set up incentive bonuses for developers and users

at the release ceremony, Jiang Zhengxin, vice president of China Unicom, and Yao Chen, the "Queen of microblogging", jointly launched two series of events with a total bonus of 1million yuan, including the "gold rush" wealth creation competition and the "cool play" Puzzle Challenge

"gold rush" is a wealth creation activity for application software developers. Its core idea is to encourage developers to "upload ideas and achieve wealth creation legends". The competition has set up four awards, including "gold rush king", "popularity king", "Organizing Committee Award" and "campus special award", with a total bonus of 280000 yuan

"woplay cool" is a Super Puzzle program created to encourage the majority of users to experience the convenience and happiness brought by the application software. Its creative inspiration comes from the boutique application software of wostore, and the total prize of the competition is up to 720000 yuan. Cctime flying elephant

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