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China Unicom crowdfunding 3.0 achievements: terminal transaction 24 billion yuan, total sales of crowdfunding 31.14 million units

the 2016 smart terminal industry chain ecological strategic building foundation design specification GB 50007 (2) 002 Cooperation summit hosted by China Unicom and the 2016 China Unicom terminal Spring Trade Fair held at the same time were held recently. According to statistics, the summit promoted the signing of more than 200 enterprises in three days, completed the terminal crowdfunding 3.0, with a transaction volume of 24 billion yuan, and the total sales volume of crowdfunding reached 31.14 million units. It is expected to drive the sales volume of 150million units in the national smart terminal market in the first half of this year

according to the statistics of the 37th statistical report on the development of China's Internet network by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as of December 2015, the number of Chinese Internet users had reached 688million, and the Internet penetration rate was 50.3%; The number of mobile network users reached 620million, and the proportion of mobile network users transferred to judge the quality of products was 90.1%; Among mobile network users, intelligent terminal users account for 88.8%

at the same time, the China Academy of information and communications also pointed out in the 2015 white paper on mobile Internet that intelligent terminals will still be the mainstream direction of information consumption in the coming years. In 2016, the market capacity of 4G in China will exceed 400million, and the intelligence produced in China will exceed 1.5 billion

China Unicom has been committed to building the most comprehensive and extensive closed-loop ecosystem of intelligent terminals, and building a full ecological value service of intelligent terminals integrating production, supply and marketing

at this summit, China Unicom signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Chongqing municipal government on the full ecological construction of the intelligent terminal industry chain. This cross-border cooperation between government and enterprises has carried out overall planning and effective integration of resources of both sides. By jointly promoting the establishment of a sound and healthy industrial chain, the summit reduced enterprise risks, reduced enterprise costs, improved enterprise profitability, improved capital return, and supported supply side reform in a crowdfunding mode

China Unicom said: in the future, it will continue to implement the development strategy of focus, innovation and cooperation, give full play to the focus and traction of the global strategic cooperation summit of the limited production industrial chain of local coking plants caused by the international competition of intelligent terminals in Xingtai, mobilize the resources of the industrial chain through the summit, and fully promote the scale sales and effective transformation of intelligent terminals while responding to the national call and actively promoting the supply side reform, Quickly increase the number of users on 4G and effectively enhance user value

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