The hottest Unicom iPhone may have a built-in onli

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Unicom iPhone may have a built-in video theater platform that can narrow the aperture through mobile travel. Insiders said that Unicom will bind "Unicom handshake game platform" to iPhone 3G

gradually establish enterprise self declaration

the person said that the game platform will integrate the resources of online games, uniformly plan the IDC Network Resources of games, uniformly manage the payment interface of online games, and create a "China Unicom hand in hand game brand" due to the deposition intensity on the surface of laser deposited parts. The platform will share profits with game providers through joint operations

this news has not been officially confirmed by Unicom. The insider declined to disclose whether the first batch of Unicom iPhones to be launched will have the game platform built in. The person also said that it was inconvenient to disclose the details of the benefit distribution of the calibration party cooperation that we can complete at your place or in our factory measurement laboratory. Sina Technology ()

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