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Unicom's promotion of data sub card business can raise funds for 3G iPad

the importance of terminals for mobile Internet can be seen from the fact that iPhone and iPad make apple stand at the commanding height of the industry. As an operator channel of apple, China Unicom strives for broader cooperation with the latter with targeted business, which is a measure of current affairs

it was learned that after Zhejiang Unicom launched the data sub card business "trial commercial" at the end of last year, Hunan Unicom also announced that it would launch the new business of "data sub card" in the near future. All Unicom users in the above two provinces can apply for a sub card of the current card. The sub card has the data function, and the billing is incorporated into the main card. It is understood that since the launch of the data sub card, the sales of the 3G iPad, which was originally poorly sold, has significantly improved in the parallel markets in Zhejiang and Hunan

in this regard, a domestic manufacturer pointed out that China Unicom has been negotiating with apple for the introduction of 3G iPad, and the data sub card can be directly used for 3G iPad, which not only drives the sales of parallel market, but also increases the bargaining chips for China Unicom to introduce 3G iPad

boost the popularity of 3G iPad

on May 2, the daily economy learned in an electronic mall in the center of Changsha, Hunan that since the iPad was launched last year, the sales of WiFi version in parallel market has been far higher than that of 3G version. A parallel merchant in the mall said, "the WiFi 16g version can basically sell threeorfour units a day, and the 3G version is basically not asked, and I have no stock."

at present, the price of the WiFi version of the 16gipad in the parallel market is about 3400 yuan, and the price of the 3G version of the 16gipad is about 3700 yuan. The parallel merchant believes that "in fact, the 3G version is more cost-effective than the WiFi version."

as for the reason why the 3G iPad is not popular, the parallel merchant said, "although it is said that the 3G version can be available everywhere, because the current licensed products only introduce WiFi, many users do not know that they can use the 3G version as long as they apply for a small card of Unicom alone. And even if they know, few people do it."

"now that China Unicom has issued a data sub card, it is equivalent to eliminating the trouble of special card handling. At least the users who are using China Unicom now, for example, although there will be no problems in a short time, the general iPhone4 users are more willing to buy the 3G iPad." According to the parallel merchant, after the announcement of the launch of Hunan Unicom's data sub card business, the number of buyers who went to the parallel merchant to inquire about the 3G iPad increased significantly. According to a user who has purchased the 3G 16gipad, he will go to Unicom to apply for a data sub card within this week, which is dedicated to the iPad

according to the customer service staff of Zhejiang Unicom, which launched the data sub card service earlier, the number of users handling the data sub card business has remained at a high level every month since the end of last year. According to the customer service staff, most of the users handling the data sub card use the sub card for the 3G iPad

make full use of the data flow in the package

a Unicom insider introduced in an interview with the daily economy on May 2 that the data sub card business is a new business developed specifically for Unicom users to make full use of the data flow in the package. "Take China Unicom iPhone4 users with a monthly fee of 286 yuan as an example. The data flow in the monthly package is 1g. If it is used only on iPhone4, it may not be used up every month. Now we launch a secondary card, and the unused flow can be used on notebooks, iPads and other terminals, so that users' package charges will not be wasted."

the equipment of the above-mentioned person adopts the equipment of electronic universal experimental machine to carry out series experiments. The experimenter stressed that in addition to making full use of the package traffic, the main card and the sub card are charged uniformly. The two cards do not interfere with each other. The sub card can only be used for data, does not have the functions of SMS and call, and only supports domestic data roaming. The thermal decomposition temperature is ≥ 390 ℃, which is similar to the USIM card in the 3G wireless card. Therefore, there are no hidden dangers of billing errors or exposure of privacy when using the data sub card

it is reported that Zhejiang Unicom conducted a trial commercial use of the data sub card business from December 1, 2010 to March 31 this year, and achieved good market results. At present, the monthly function fee of data sub cards in Zhejiang and Hunan is only 5 yuan. According to the daily economy, users in Guangzhou, Chongqing and other places have been consulting about this business. According to China Unicom, this business will be gradually promoted throughout the country. Daily economy

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