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Uni president invested billion yuan to introduce the fresh house carton packaging and filling machine

uni president, which invested hundreds of millions of yuan to introduce the fresh house carton packaging and filling machine Q16, set a record for the first time in the world to be used in dairy packaging. Luo Zhixian, executive vice president of uni president, said in the opening ceremony on September 2 that the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation and providing consumers with a healthy and happy high-quality life is uni president's consistent adherence. Even in the processing and manufacturing process that most ordinary consumers do not know, they do not hesitate to invest manpower and spend hundreds of millions of yuan to cooperate with the global leader in milk and beverage fresh-keeping cartons - international paper to adopt the fresh house packaging filling machine. This spirit of insisting on freshness can be said to be the first in the world, It is not difficult to see from this that nearly every power supply department is committed to the high-quality challenge of unifying Taiwan's dairy products to the world

information source: Food Tech

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