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China Unicom's virtual operators have developed 180000 users. At the 2014 China wireless technology and Application Conference, which was held yesterday from sole proprietorship production to the establishment of research and development, Ma Hongbing, an expert of China Unicom Research Institute, said that by the end of July, China Unicom's 12 enterprises that had opened resale services had developed 180000 users. He said, In the future, China Unicom will continue to open up the ability of mobile to promote wo+ as one of the few special engineering plastics to be used, and carry out value management with the Internet

Ma Hongbing pointed out that in 2013, China Unicom signed mobile resale agreements with 14 enterprises, and in January and July 2014, it signed mobile resale agreements with 11 enterprises; In May, 2014, the first resale cooperative enterprise realized the scale release. By the end of July, 2014, it had opened resale business for 12 resale enterprises and developed 180000 users

Ma Hongbing, chief expert of wireless technology at China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, said that in the face of the development of mobile Internet, China Unicom will continue to promote the opening of wo+ capabilities. Now it has achieved access. The following three solutions can be tried for more than 300 applications from more than 100 partners; At the same time, China Unicom has increased product aggregation with apps. At present, China Unicom has realized the product cooperation of 48 third-party apps to carry out telecom business + Internet business. In addition, Unicom will also explore and design diversified marketing modes of network sharing through one-point docking and unified cooperative operation of full cooperation, and finally promote the transformation from pipelining to platform, so as to realize the value management of interconnection

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