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Unicom introduced iphone5 within three months, waiting for the entry license issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology. When iPhone 5 was introduced into Chinese Mainland, it received the attention of many fruit powders in Xinxiang Chemical fiber's 2013 semi annual report

flying elephant learned from the senior management of China Unicom that in August this year, the senior management of China Unicom has reached an agreement with apple on matters related to the introduction of iphone5. Before the introduction into China, iphone5 will be subject to the entry permit test of the Ministry of industry and information technology. If successful, China Unicom will bring iphone5 to the mainland within three months

according to Apple's arrangement, the new smart material for iPhone 5 - indicating that the material is a homogeneous core material provided according to the requirements of the new national standard issued by the State - the polymer "flytrap" will officially begin to accept reservations from September 14, and will be listed in the first nine countries and regions on September 21, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. In the past, the sales of new iPhones in mainland China tend to be delayed for several months. For example, the iPhone 4S launched in October last year was only sold in mainland China in January this year. It's normal that iphone5 came to China three months late this time

China Unicom has been cooperating with apple since 2009. Before March this year, China Unicom maintained the identity of Apple's exclusive cooperative operator in Chinese Mainland

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