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Wenzhou Naite Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. paste box machine

four fold belt hook bottom type products, all technical indicators have reached the domestic first-class level, suitable for ordinary box making, pre folding box making, hook bottom box making and other paper box pasting

technical features:

1 Pressing part: continuous box accumulation mode, using photoelectric counting and automatic spray meter device

2. Paper feeding Department: the single board operating mechanism is fast and simple. The vibrating motor cooperates with the fast and automatic paper feeding. The Japanese Mitsuki stepless transmission adjusts the paper feeding distance

3. Pre folding part: the pre folding belt imported from Japan is used, and the left and right arbitrary lines are pre folded by 90 degrees, making it easier to open the carton

4. Lower paste cylinder: with left and right devices, the paste quantity is stable, the capacity is large, and the maintenance is simple

5. Bottom paste part: adjustment mechanism, ideal design, simple operation. The bottom paste is completed by four groups of devices, making 60 ~ 200 boxes per minute

6. This folding part: the second folding line is 180 degrees, and the fourth folding line is 180 degrees. The guide wheel is adjusted according to different positions, so that the products can be gradually cooled, shaped and folded smoothly

7. Hard roller pressing part: equipped with hard roller pressing to make the bonding more firm

technical parameters:

the highest line speed is 280m/min

suitable for paper 200 ~ 600g/m2, paperboard, E-wave corrugated paper

basic form of paste box side paste, side paste, bottom paste

turn back mode one, two, three fold line 90 degrees, Two four fold line 180 degrees

automatic continuous paper feeding

test method using adhesive tensile testing machine solute type

required power 6kw (380V)

weight 3000kg

overall size (length * width * height) 8.8m × 1.1m × 1.3m

note: the highest line speed can be achieved only when the paper and die cutting line of the carton are good

with pre folding function, four fold products are widely used in the paste processing of cartons for automatic packaging of medicine, food and light industrial products, with simple debugging and convenient operation

main technical parameters:

the highest line speed is 300m/min

applicable to paper board, E-wave beauty corrugated paper

basic form of paste box side paste, side paste, bottom paste

use adhesive solute type

power required 13.5KW

weight 5500kg

refers to the metal sheet at the top of the testing machine note: when the paper and die cutting line of the box are good, In order to achieve the maximum linear speed (4), the relative uncertainty U4 introduced by measurement repeatability can be achieved; Degree (special carton can be designed separately)

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