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XCMG group: it plans to achieve an operating revenue of 300billion in 2015

XCMG group: it plans to achieve an operating revenue of 300billion in 2015

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Guide: in November 2012, the sixth Shanghai BMW exhibition ended successfully in many breakthroughs, and more than 2700 enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions around the world gathered in Shanghai, staging a feast in the field of construction machinery. It not only summarizes the market performance of construction machinery this year, but also brings new production for the coming year

in November 2012, the 6th Shanghai BMW exhibition ended successfully in many breakthroughs. More than 2700 enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions around the world gathered in Shanghai, staging a gluttonous feast in the field of construction machinery. It not only summarizes the performance of the construction machinery market this year, but also brings new industrial trends and development directions for the coming year

2012 is destined to be an extraordinary year, and the Chinese market is both hot and cold. The difficult survival of small and medium-sized enterprises is in sharp contrast to the world collapse of large enterprises, which confirms the pain and happiness that the industry must go through in the mature period when TG is - 10 ~ 0 ℃. However, XCMG group, as the highlight of the exhibition, has completed its historical transformation driven by independent innovation and internationalization, realizing the world departure of Chinese enterprises

control the high-end, leading China

this exhibition, XCMG group exhibited 41 selected host products, all of which were new products developed and innovated according to market demand in recent years, with independent intellectual property rights and control of high-end technology. The number, scale and level of product displays ranked the highest in previous years, once again showing XCMG's corporate image of the best complete set, the most complete range and leading technology, It fully demonstrates the strength of the king and high-end technology that guide the development trend of the industry

at this BMW exhibition, various construction machinery manufacturers have come up with the "treasure of town and enterprise". As the biggest attraction of this BMW exhibition, xca5000 all terrain crane with the world's largest tonnage and the highest technical content participated by XCMG group. It not only rewrites the industry history again, but also provides the most powerful support for XCMG to become the "first brand of mobile cranes in the world" in 2012

at the same time, it has won the second prize of the national scientific and technological progress award and the first prize of the military scientific and technological progress award. The upgraded version of et110 walking mountain excavator (remote control walking mountain excavator) is also another highlight of XCMG's booth. Through unremitting efforts, the technical R & D team of XCMG group has overcome many obstacles in the application of remote control technology in the engineering field, solved the world-class problem of no remote control technology in construction machinery, and rewritten the history of no remote control technology in domestic construction machinery

in addition, there is a 4000 ton crawler crane with the world's largest tonnage, which failed to board the heavyweight product of this BMW exhibition due to the delivery of Sinopec to the user. Meet the audience by video. In the industrial examination test of this product, this crawler giant lifted 4500 tons, shocking the world

smart service, considerate customers

good products need better services to ensure, especially in the construction machinery industry, which is famous for its complex technology. Intelligent and all-weather service mode has become an inevitable trend of industry development. XCMG group has always been leading not only in products and brands, but also in the field of services

the XCMG IOT solution with the theme of "global service zero distance - XCMG IOT makes us heart to heart" was displayed in the inner hall of XCMG BMW exhibition room. This program comprehensively shows XCMG group's idea of delivering XCMG zero distance service to customers through the IOT platform, highlighting XCMG's proposition of leading industry development, innovating service mode and providing customers with value-added services

as a new generation of networking technology based on Internet, IOT has become the main melody leading the development and progress of today's industries. As a typical application of IOT in the construction machinery industry, the construction machinery IOT will completely subvert the product concept and business profit model of the traditional construction machinery industry, and profoundly affect the development of the construction machinery industry. What kind of materials can be made? Or can we test all the forces? There seems to be no standard answer to this.

XCMG group timely proposed the IOT intelligent information service platform project, which is intended to open up the data link between various subsidiaries and products, and strive to build a multi-level, integrated intelligent information service platform covering enterprises, dealers, agents, service vehicles and users. After the completion of the project, it will set a new benchmark in the industry, demonstrate and drive the development of the whole construction machinery industry, and greatly enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises

be farsighted and focus on the world

in the face of high-intensity global competition, XCMG group takes "building a multi regional support and multi project driven industrial pattern on a global scale" as an important strategy to promote the healthy and rapid development of enterprises. By seizing the opportunity of industry self adjustment, XCMG will seize the opportunity to promote XCMG's international development and global industrial layout, and build a new development platform and industrial chain foundation for XCMG

relying on the global market foundation, XCMG has embarked on an exploration path from CKD and SKD assembly to Greenland plant construction in the construction of overseas bases. In 2011, XCMG acquired German FT Company and Dutch AMCA company; In 2012, it also acquired schweiying, a 78 year old German company that was once the world leader in complete sets of concrete equipment, which greatly accelerated the internationalization process of XCMG's industrialization of mainframe and parts

at present, XCMG's construction of overseas manufacturing bases and overseas R & D centers in Iran, Poland, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, Eastern Europe and India has become an important support for localization and globalization, which will have a significant impact on improving the international competitiveness and competitive pattern of China's construction machinery industry

the four-day BMW exhibition, whose durability of similar products can reach more than 20 years, has come to an end successfully. XCMG group has also ended its business in a large order (6 sets of de400 worth 60million yuan were sold during the exhibition, and 2000 equipment purchase contracts were signed with customers in South America) and soaring brand popularity. Against the backdrop of the coldness of the industry, XCMG's situation of stable growth against the market has been further improved through the exhibition, which has further consolidated its position in the industry and laid a better foundation for accelerating the internationalization process

now, XCMG is making great strides towards the goal of "100 billion yuan, internationalization, additives to open a" new door "for cars, world-class". It plans to achieve an operating revenue of more than 300 billion yuan by 2015, and enter the top three industries in the world. It has achieved the industrial ambition and dream of "from China to the world" and "from the east to the world". Now XCMG, a world-class aircraft carrier, has set sail

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