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XCMG group launched the "New Silk Road heart service" overseas travel activity

XCMG group launched the "New Silk Road heart service" overseas travel activity

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at present, Chinese construction machinery industry enterprises take the opportunity of the transformation and upgrading of the new normal, most of them regard opening up overseas markets as an important step in expanding enterprise development, which is called deep cultivation of overseas markets. But when cultivating overseas markets, whether we can successfully plant our own seeds in the local market. Domestic enterprises should take root like dandelions in participating in overseas construction, and should not be duckweed like enterprises. Although they are scattered, they have no place to stand

recently, a departure ceremony of 300 large excavators exported to the Middle East was held at the machinery industry base of XCMG. This is the first time in the history of excavator development in China. The export of 300 large excavators in large quantities at one time is also a new breakthrough of XCMG in the overseas market by taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road" strategy. XCMG's rooting in overseas markets has set an example for China's construction machinery enterprises to "go global"

"New Silk Road" brings new opportunities

recently, the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on promoting international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation", including railway, construction machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding and ocean engineering and other equipment manufacturing industries have been included in the policy agenda, and the state will strengthen planning, guidance and support for these industries in the future. This opinion and the "the Belt and Road" are new strategies, new ideas and new measures proposed by the state under the new normal. The "the Belt and Road" strategy has been rolled out, bringing historic opportunities to China's construction machinery industry

as a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, XCMG has taken the lead. XCMG has established a relatively complete marketing network in 65 countries along the "the Belt and Road", including Central Asia, West Asia, North Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific region. It has established branches and subsidiaries in Russia, India, Poland and other countries, and KD (bulk parts) plants in Uzbekistan, Poland, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Iran and other countries, all of which are key areas of the "the Belt and Road"

in addition, it has acquired German Schwein company, German FT Company and Dutch AMCA company in Europe, established R & D centers in Europe, the United States and India, and has production bases in India

internationalization has always been XCMG's core strategy. Its early layout in overseas markets has laid a solid foundation for the development of XCMG's "the Belt and Road" and won certain advantages. For example, in recent years, in order to develop its economy, Uzbekistan has attracted a large amount of foreign investment, accelerated the development of industry and agriculture, and the demand for construction machinery has also increased sharply. In 2013, XCMG prospectively saw the important position of Uzbekistan market in the layout of Central Asia and established a joint venture factory in that country

at present, XCMG Uzbekistan joint venture operates well. It was put into operation in May, 2014, and it was profitable that year. At the same time, taking the joint venture as a platform, XCMG rapidly expanded the local market. In 2014, it exported 614 construction machinery products to Ukraine. Under the environment of the overall domestic export decline of 8.13%, XCMG's export sales in Ukraine achieved strong growth against the trend

sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery and chairman of the import and export company, believes that the construction of assembly plants in these countries can give full play to the role of joint venture factories in the "Silk Road" economic belt, and take the construction of joint venture factories as a stronghold and opportunity to fully extend to Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and other markets. These joint-venture factories can enjoy preferential policies such as tariff and value-added tax relief locally, which greatly improves the competitiveness of products

at present, in Kazakhstan, XCMG's products have a market share of 80%, surpassing other world-famous brands. At the local large-scale construction site, not long ago, XCMG signed thousands of equipment purchase orders with agents and customers in the Middle East, with a value of more than 400million yuan. At the same time, XCMG also received orders for more than 400 equipment in the South American market, and collected another large order of 5million dollars during the Turkish engineering exhibition

all this stems from XCMG's firm grasp of market opportunities, but without sufficient preparation and excellent strength, opportunities are difficult to favor XCMG. As early as this year, XCMG carried out the Informatization Transformation within the group. After three phases of construction, XCMG took the lead in completing the Informatization Integration in the industry and became the benchmark of informatization in the domestic construction machinery industry

XCMG has reached the standards of intelligent factory and intelligent manufacturing. The head of the loader business department said, "the new loader production line uses a lot of robot operations, which greatly saves labor costs. At the same time, when allocating the production plan, due to the improvement of the information network, the production plan can be adjusted once a week."

the perfect information network also makes XCMG's global integrated R & D possible. The European R & D center and Brazilian R & D center in Germany can achieve seamless links with domestic R & D centers, and can also provide timely feedback according to the characteristics of market demand in different regions to improve product design. XCMG has been able to "go global" and "walk steadily", in addition to strong product support, this deep internal strength is also a soft power to support its own development

"heart service" has written a new chapter

Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, once said that "post market" has great potential. In fact, the "post market" of construction machinery is very rich, including warranty services, maintenance, leasing and remanufacture. In particular, the post maintenance service, as a good post service guarantee for the construction machinery industry, is the key factor to ensure "stability" in the overseas market

according to Liu Jiansen, assistant president of XCMG machinery and general manager of import and export company, XCMG has always advocated treating customers as God. Over the years, this business philosophy has been truly and textbook embodied in XCMG. XCMG's rapid development is to take the needs of customers as the starting point, listen to customers' voices and meet customers' needs

The speed and pace of XCMG's innovation have always been leading in China's construction machinery industry. The localization of production and sales proposed by XCMG is to provide marketable products for countries along the "the Belt and Road". After more than 20 years of efforts, XCMG has formed a large number of adaptive new products. We have developed and manufactured Southeast Asia type spectrum products suitable for humid and hot climate, Russian low-temperature type spectrum products suitable for cold climate, Middle East type spectrum products suitable for dust and dry and hot climate, etc. XCMG comprehensively improved the vibration and noise performance of excavators, Horizontal Directional Drills, large loaders, skid loaders, road rollers, truck cranes and other products

in recent years, XCMG has formed a win-win relationship with its partners. XCMG proposed "one family, one family" with the dealer. Last year, it organized the world's top ten dealers to establish the industry's first overseas Advisory Committee, forming a chain of cooperation in sharing interests and risks. When customers encounter business difficulties, XCMG provides timely support and help, which is no longer a simple trade relationship. When the strength and strength of dealers are insufficient, XCMG will send personnel to do localized support and service. For example, when the service of large cranes in Turkey and Kazakhstan was insufficient, XCMG gave full play to the advantages of the factory to keep up with the service in time. When dealers encounter financial difficulties, XCMG will extend and extend their funds through China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, and provide them with financing through credit insurance, so as to coexist and grow together with dealers

this year, with the help of the east wind of the "New Silk Road" construction, XCMG strives to improve the overseas service quality and systematization level. Since 2011, according to the requirements of chairman Wang Min's "strong focus on overseas services", XCMG has begun to strengthen the construction of overseas service spare parts system, apply gravity in the three directions of service system improvement, spare parts system improvement and training system improvement, establish a service provider authorization mechanism, promote the forward movement of spare parts in the main engine plant, build an e-commerce platform for collaborative management of overseas spare parts, and continuously improve the layout of service spare parts points and service training mode, Establish the certification and grading evaluation of dealer service personnel training system to improve XCMG's new overseas service spare parts system

combined with overseas market promotion activities, the first large-scale "the Belt and Road" service bank activity in the industry was carried out in 20 countries along the silk road. Market promotion activity 1 according to the single piece measurement method 1), 2), 3) make preparations before measurement, covering 15 countries, 16 overseas exhibitions and product promotion conferences. This activity mainly focuses on the products of 20 countries along the line during the three guarantee period, with a coverage rate of 53.7%. The activity was standardized in strict accordance with the "one free, two checks, three teachings, four questions, and five feedback": free three filters; Check product performance indicators and maintenance; Teach correct and simple operation, maintenance and troubleshooting methods; Inquire about customers' construction information, purchase demand, spare parts purchase channels and improvement suggestions; Form activity information feedback, product leftover problems feedback, user satisfaction, service spare parts construction and competitor business, service policy feedback, so as to better improve XCMG's service quality

at the same time, XCMG service personnel have traveled to all overseas construction sites of Chinese enterprises to provide strong service support for the overseas construction of the Chinese construction army, and write a new chapter in the joint development of overseas markets by China Construction and Chinese equipment

XCMG actively carries out the "localization" integration of countries along the "the Belt and Road", gives full play to the localization advantages of dealers, and jointly carries out regional exhibitions, product promotion and customer activities with dealers in countries along the "the Belt and Road", as well as global "service system improvement" and other activities; Enhance the popularity of overseas brands with the help of events, customer cases, brand activities, etc. According to the needs of the regional market expansion of the "the Belt and Road", improve the talent reserve of business managers, product managers and service managers. Cultivate a "Trinity" overseas marketing service talent team that focuses on market demand, has excellent quality, dares to fight, dares to rush, and cooperates. Improve the network layout, and plan to add 10 first-class dealers in Central Asia, Africa and the coastal areas of Southeast Asia, so that XCMG's "XCMG brand" can fully cover 65 countries along the "the Belt and Road"

while improving the service quality, we will spread XCMG's "care and care" overseas, visit the machine operators, care for the machine operators, shorten the distance between the machine operators, and plan to give XCMG souvenirs to 1000 overseas operators to improve the public welfare image of XCMG brand. In Uzbekistan, the dealer Babu regards himself as XCMG's worker. He has entered XCMG's "top ten dealers" for many consecutive years. He is not only a model in product sales and spare parts center construction, but also uses his own government resources and market relations to mediate and facilitate the establishment of XCMG's excavator factory. Babu's great grandfather once rode a camel to Lanzhou. Babu said with a smile, "I'm flying back to the silk road." In order to strengthen his understanding of China, he sent his son to Beijing to study Chinese. He said XCMG was my home in China

"new system" casts new dreams

last year, XCMG products were exported to 48 of the 65 countries in the "the Belt and Road", accounting for 76.1% of the total export value. XCMG has improved its marketing system and service system in countries along the "the Belt and Road". Its marketing channels cover 42 countries along the "the Belt and Road", with 80 first-class dealers, 4 KD factories and 17

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