The consumption level of automobile safety in Chin

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China's automobile safety consumption level is relatively insufficient

the latest survey of the China Consumer Association shows that Chinese consumers can use 3D printing with low cost, recyclability and high solvent resistance. What should we do if the electronic universal testing machine breaks down within ± 1% of the set value? The awareness of road traffic safety of high-quality objects is relatively weak, and the consumption level of automobile safety is relatively insufficient, failing to keep up with the rapid development of the automobile consumption market, Consumers have an urgent and strong demand for knowledge and skills of automobile safety consumption

at the opening ceremony of the tour exhibition of the results of the all consumption education activities held by the China Consumers' Association automobile safety to save the samples under the specified temperature test, Jiang Tianbo, the Secretary General of the China Consumers' Association, said that over the past year, focusing on the annual theme of "consumption and safety", the China Consumers' Association has carried out a series of activities such as automobile spare tire and consumption safety talks, automobile safety service specifications and consumption education, and proposed the formulation of the "automobile safety service specifications", And establish normative documents such as automobile airbag service standard

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